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Group Graduation

  The Basics of Marketing      Your Small Business

  4-hour workshop 
  Price: 125

  In the current difficult economic times, businesses need to take   advantage of every opportunity to maximize their online      marketing presence. The most efficient way of doing this is to  implement a highly effective, low-cost, online business marketing    strategy.

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DEADLINE: Signing up 2 weeks before the workshop is required, or Call for Individual Business Coaching Session.

Dr. Savant


Gain confidence, feel heard and validated with an empathetic business coach who encourages taking a deeper look and taking action - in your way, in your time.

Dr. Savant offers Business Workshops and Therapeutic Coaching. She can help you access your personal power and the resources to sustain it. Call now to schedule your coaching session.

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Referral Bonus

If you refer someone for the workshop and they pay in full, you receive $5 cash back! This must be a person who hasn't inquired before. This offer is unlimited, refer as many people as you want and receive the $5 for each that you refer!

Workshop Payment Refund Policy

Half refunds are available if we notified 1 week before the workshop. Any less than 1-week notice before the workshop will result with no refund.


Sign up 2 weeks before the workshop start is required for admission.

Business Planning for Success

Mirtha teaches this 21-hour workshop taught over a 5-month time frame; 7-morning sessions once or twice a month. The course will focus on developing a complete business plan, but also prepare you technically and mentally for how to use your plan to run a successful business. It will provide participants with all the necessary tools to complete a Business Plan and to utilize it for success. This document can also be presented to a Financial Lending Institution if applying for a business loan.

• Mission Statement 
• Business Objectives
• Value Alignment: aligning your personal and business values
• S.W.O.T. Analysis
• Basic, easy, cost effective marketing

• 5-year Strategic Planning
Annual Planning
• Budgeting and Financial Forecasting
• Branding
• List of business resources