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The NLP Workshop will improve your life,

the life of your clients, family and friends. 

NLP Benefits

Introduction to NLP Workshop: 

Language & Techniques for Holistic Healing & NLP Practitioner Certification

Join this 3-day Introduction to NLP workshop.

Instructor: Mirtha Solis

This workshop will give you an inside look at some of the basic concepts & skills for understanding & practicing NLP, as well as how to incorporate this into your practice and everyday life. Below are some of the many things you will learn and practice:

  • How to build Rapport & improve communication with clients
  • How to tap clients’ unconscious resources & guide them to wellness
  • NLP Healing techniques
  • Submit this workshop information to attain your CEU credits
NLP Head

NLP Introduction Workshop:  TO BE ANNOUNCED  

Cost is 450


 NLP is the study of excellence.  It is a model of communication created to enhance our level of communication with ourselves and others in order to maximize our potential. NLP allows us to understand how behaviors are created so that we can easily and comfortably eliminate those behaviors that are no longer useful