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Practitioner Consultation

Mirtha Offers Reiki Practitioner Consultation

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy work used to relax, replenish and heal the body. Although Reiki dates back 2500 to 3000 years, it was discovered in the 1800's by Dr. Usui, a Japanese man whose quest was to explain why physicians and other healers no longer had the power in their hands to heal people. The word "REI" means spiritual consciousness or wisdom and "KI" means lifeforce. This spiritual guided lifeforce energy that is Reiki is universal and has an intelligence of its own. Dr. Usui believed that Reiki had been accesible to all people at one time.

Reiki is used to soothe everyday life stressors that are trapped in the body. Reiki is used to nourish and restore the body. Reiki's restorative energy can be used with ourselves, our loved ones and our pets. Reiki helps the body replenish and restore its natural immune system. Reiki can be used to aid the body's natural ability to heal headaches, exhaustion, colds, sleeplessness, injuries and other forms of "dis-ease".

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Reiki Practitioner Consultation  

Reiki Practitioners can refresh their skills, get business advice and clear any barriers they have related to building their Reiki Practice.

Time: Schedule time using the "Schedule a Session" button which brings you to the Online Scheduling Website

Consultation Rates: $100 per hour

Testimonials & Pictures from Reiki Classes Mirtha taught at the Meta Institute between the years 2000 and 2017.

"Reiki class was clean, relaxed and a very nice session room. Thank you for the snacks!" Leah B.

"The class was more than I thought it would be! It was down to earth, practical, which is refreshing." Heather L.

"Thank you for a wonderful eye-opening day! It was a day well spent. I have gained valuable confirmation today." Marylou S.

Reiki Classroom 1

Reiki Classroom

The 7 Chakras

Information Session: Develop Your Reiki Business
*Must be a Reiki Master to Attend*

This business session will give you the skills to develop a Reiki business practice.

Date: to be scheduled

Reiki and Essential Oils Consultation Session
*Must have Reiki Level 1 certification*

Enhance your Reiki skills with the use of essential oils! Get to know the oil blends for each chakra. *Price includes a manual and starter oil kit.

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