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What Graduates are Saying

"I was very impressed by the structure of how all of the information is layered from the very first day. The group dynamics created, helped create a bond that is uncomparable." Mitzi S.

"I have loved every minute. I am grateful for the care and attention that is reflected in all aspects of this experience, truly life changing." Jessika B.
"Extremely transformation experience. I am very grateful and I am excited to see where Meta is headed." Joseph T.

"It has been the most well rounded, enriching program I have attended. The warmth, support and understanding has been remarkable. The lessons learned will stay in my heart." Stephanie R.

"Mirtha, your ability to teach and show an entire group of people, not only the material, but the structure as needed is excellent. The staff was a perfect blend of knowledge, willingness and support." Rachel J.

"Amazing content, trainers and staff. I love and appreciate that you all hold space for growth and transformation. Very safe and secure place." Rachealann H.

What Executives are Saying
[It contributes to] leadership development, improved business behavior, better results (Brazil).

• [It gives] an independent opinion on the real performance of a person, in comparison with their own impression (New Zealand).
• Coaching counteracts the “lonely at the top” phenomenon (Poland).
• Full growth of a leader’s potential (Russia).
• Clients learn to see a range of options, rather than limiting themselves to just one or two (Scotland).
• [It brings] clarity of thought, [and] personal awareness, resulting in confident leadership (South Africa).
• Clients become more resourceful, more creative and able to deal with anything that crops up along their way (United Kingdom).
• Clients gain clarity about their strengths, appreciation for differing styles, and confidence (United States).